Blog everyday….Not yet

As of yet, I do not blog everyday or even every other day.

I don’t like  writing or expressing my thoughts in written words.  I’ve never liked doing it, so blogging is a major challenge for me.

As a kid and adult, I always thought diaries, or as we like to call them now; journals and blogs,  were useless.  Although I wish I had some of my thoughts from the past written down, I don’t fret over it.  I rarely go back to read my journal or blogs now.

My wife has been a big proponent of blogging and journaling.  She convinced me to start doing it about 4 years ago.  Yeah, I admit it helps keep track of what God is doing in our lives  and even how I’ve changed over the years; however, I still don’t like doing it.  It’s still a challenge for me…..a major one.  I really have a strong dislike of it.   I only do it because others seem to enjoy hearing my thoughts.

Well,  I guess it’s time to get rid of the selfish attitude and get over myself.  I will try to do better.

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