Thoughts on India

I went to India.

I expected to give something yet I received.

The love of the people towards me.

The gratitude for us.

Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was an ambassador of His love.  Thank you for being an ambassador.

Receive the love.

When they gave so much from their little, I knew how the Father feels when we give from our little.  I was touched.

I had nothing to offer but my obedience to Jesus as He told His disciples to go out into all the world.

Lord thank you for India and the opportunity to be an your ambassador.

What Do I think Will Happen in India?

In a few days I will be on my way to India.  As the time nears, I feel more and more eager about what’s going to happen over there.  So what do I think will happen?  Well, let me start with “Jesus the Messiah will shine”.  What I mean by “shine” is that the light of the Anointed (Messiah, Christ) will be seen.  The kingdom of heaven will be at hand.   Healings, casting out of demons, and the love of  Yeshua (Jesus) will manifest in a great way. Continue reading “What Do I think Will Happen in India?”

North City Outreach

Handing out backpacks w/ school supplies and free food.  From April thru Sep of each year, we do outreach at two different locations  in North St Louis city.  One at Jefferson and Cass….the other at St. Louis Ave and Vandeventer every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

Today’s backpack handout is always special because so many more people show up……mainly kids. It will be a very hot day so I pray for all to stay cool

I’m hoping we get to pray and see many blessed by our Father in the name of Jesus.