Recliner Glory

Today, while sitting in my recliner napping , I experienced a moment where I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or awake (I think some of you may know what I’m talking about).

As I dreamed, I sensed a strong presence.  Immediately, I knew it was the Lord approaching and standing right before me.  My entire body began to get a current of energy that permeated my entire being.  It was similar to goosebumps, but with a much deeper and stronger flow.  It felt awesome!   Becoming very excited, I held out my hands and said, “Yes Lord, what is you want….please tell me.”  I also remember hearing the sound of music and singing that sounded all over the room.   I jumped out of my chair and began to search the room for the source of this sound that was every but not found.   Soon revelation knowledge came to me that it was the music and singing of angels.  Although I could feel and hear it, I couldn’t see it.  Wow, it was a fantastic sensation!

As the host filled the room and the Lord stood before me (somehow I was seated again in my recliner facing the Lord….you know how dreams change a scene without a transition).  I asked the Lord, “Please tell me what is it you want…..Yes Lord, here I am.”   But to my disappointment, I didn’t hear a word; only the singing of many voices, and music……there were many sounds all at once.  Some sounds I’d never heard before and can’t describe.   However, all the sounds came together beautifully.  As I continued to inquire of the Lord, His presence begin to slowly fade away.  Sensing this, I became more frantic and desperate, yet  He and the heavenly host continued to slowly faded away.

I then came to full consciousness in the chair still asking and wondering what had just happened.  As this all transpired, I was constantly in my mind trying to figure out if I was dreaming or was I conscious.  I seemed to be in both worlds at the same time.  It felt strange and confusing but somehow very exciting.

Dream over.


I and others were in a building that appeared to be a school or some sort of place with stairs, hallways and rooms. A man stood before us who behaved as if he were in charge and begin to speak to us. He explained to us we had been sent to this place for help because we had become misdirected. He continued to tell us he was assigning personal tutors to each of us. These personal tutors would help us with our assignments.

Just as he finished speaking, a rush of individuals begin to descend down the stairs from the top floor( the top floor was somewhat obscure, almost looked as if the building really had no roof, yet stairs went up into the obscurity). They were all dressed alike in polo style shirts(yellow) but I couldn’t really see if they wore pants or not. All I saw was a blur underneath them. There were male and female of many different skin colors and physical attributes. For some reason, I ran up the stairs into the rush as they blew past me like the wind. I wanted to know from where they were coming. As I ran up, my face met one of the last individuals coming down. He had a tan skin color with short, straight, brown well-kept hair. His face was very chiseled with a stiff chin, high cheeks and a beauty I can’t describe. He looked at me with dark deep eyes almost as if he were asking me where was I going but his lips didn’t move. He spoke to me through the mind like mental telepathy. For some reason, I said,”I pick you to be my tutor”. It was really strange though, because it was as if he had already chose me but my mouth said the words, “I pick you”; almost as if I knew he was assigned to me.

He then led me down to the lobby or conference area where the head guy had spoken to us. In the room now were many of these tutors and each person sitting beside a tutor. Everyone seemed to fix their eyes upon me and my tutor as we sat. Someone asked me, “How did you get him”. I was puzzled by this question. We sat and my tutor began to speak. As he spoke, I quickly realized why the question was asked. I was sitting at his side at the head table.

I truly believe these tutors represented angels sent to guide and protect.

[Origin: 1350–1400; ME < L t?tor protector, equiv. to t?- (var. s. of tuér? to guard; see tutelage) + -tor -tor] Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

Fish Man

I was laying on the ground with my head encased  inside  some type of cocoon mound.  Although my head was inside the cocoon, I cold still observe what was going on around me.  There appeared to be a battle taking place and the enemy was prevailing.  Yet, as I lay on the ground, they didn’t attack me because they assumed I was dead.

Suddenly everyone fled in different directions and the battle ended.  Immediately following, I begin to emerge from the cocoon.  Arising from the ground, I stood, looked around and begin breathing.  My breathing was weird as if I were simultaneously taking in air and water.  It felt as if my jaws where moving or flapping open.  Looking around, I could see that I had been lying  in my backyard (The one I owned in the dream. Not my real backyard).  Coming out of the backdoor and on the porch was my family that had been waiting for me to emerge.  My wife(unidentifiable woman) in a proud and excited tone said, “You look great. You came out perfect.”  I was puzzled yet also curiously afraid to see my appearance.  I noticed I felt fresh and powerful.  My breathing seem to cleanse the air I breathed.  As I breathed in air, it seemed as if the impurities were filtered out.  The air felt so thick and fresh.

Finally, I went into the house arrived at a mirror.  The image of me had a grotesque beauty I can’t quite describe.  My face had the shape of a man yet my skin was  fish scales and a fish gill on each jaw.  I was a strange fish/man combination.  However, for some reason, as I viewed myself in the mirror, I felt honored and blessed to be transformed into this new creature.

The Deep

While praying to the Lord, I asked Him to take me deeper into His spirit.  As I asked, I saw myself diving into an ocean swimming to the very deep dark bottom.  As I travelled to the deep there were sharks that came my way.  They swam towards me in an intimidating manner but didn’t attack.  I also encountered an octopus that tried to pull me down but his suctions would not hold because I had blood on my arms which caused the tentacles to slip off. The blood was not from an injury.  It just happen to be on my arms at that moment.

Once I reached the bottom I couldn’t see a thing so I began to feel around.  Suddenly the darkness just dissolved away and I found myself in crystal clear water beaming with brightness all over.  For some reason I had this urge to start stomping and kicking the big jagged rocks that sat along the floor of the sea.  As I kicked, stomped and pulled at the rocks they began to break apart exposing a very shiny sparkling rock that looked like a combination of gold and diamond.

Immediately, I wanted to head to the surface and show everyone what I had discovered.  However, I heard this voice say “Stop don’t go. Take a look around first.”  Looking around, I saw these gold-diamond nuggets all over the  floor of the ocean.  I then heard a voice tell me, “You should stay here in the deep”.  I hesitantly decided to stay.  As soon as I did, I noticed fishing lines with hooks coming down through the water and I intuitively knew what to do.  I began putting nuggets onto the hooks.  Strangely, these nuggets were hard yet able to be pierced and attached to a hook.  Once the nugget was secured, the fishing lines would quickly began to rise to the surface.

Somehow, the entire time I remained submerged in the deep, I never once needed to come up for air.