I and others were in a building that appeared to be a school or some sort of place with stairs, hallways and rooms. A man stood before us who behaved as if he were in charge and begin to speak to us. He explained to us we had been sent to this place for help because we had become misdirected. He continued to tell us he was assigning personal tutors to each of us. These personal tutors would help us with our assignments.

Just as he finished speaking, a rush of individuals begin to descend down the stairs from the top floor( the top floor was somewhat obscure, almost looked as if the building really had no roof, yet stairs went up into the obscurity). They were all dressed alike in polo style shirts(yellow) but I couldn’t really see if they wore pants or not. All I saw was a blur underneath them. There were male and female of many different skin colors and physical attributes. For some reason, I ran up the stairs into the rush as they blew past me like the wind. I wanted to know from where they were coming. As I ran up, my face met one of the last individuals coming down. He had a tan skin color with short, straight, brown well-kept hair. His face was very chiseled with a stiff chin, high cheeks and a beauty I can’t describe. He looked at me with dark deep eyes almost as if he were asking me where was I going but his lips didn’t move. He spoke to me through the mind like mental telepathy. For some reason, I said,”I pick you to be my tutor”. It was really strange though, because it was as if he had already chose me but my mouth said the words, “I pick you”; almost as if I knew he was assigned to me.

He then led me down to the lobby or conference area where the head guy had spoken to us. In the room now were many of these tutors and each person sitting beside a tutor. Everyone seemed to fix their eyes upon me and my tutor as we sat. Someone asked me, “How did you get him”. I was puzzled by this question. We sat and my tutor began to speak. As he spoke, I quickly realized why the question was asked. I was sitting at his side at the head table.

I truly believe these tutors represented angels sent to guide and protect.

[Origin: 1350–1400; ME < L t?tor protector, equiv. to t?- (var. s. of tuér? to guard; see tutelage) + -tor -tor]

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Look Forward

Many times I go to the woods behind my house to get away alone with God.  I listen for his voice and signs of his presence all around in his creation.  Today, the Lord gave me a vision of myself standing in that woods.  As I stood, I saw above me, in the sky, two streams of light converging in a v-shape towards me.  One from the right and another from the left.  The left was a dark light and the right a very white light. Continue reading “Look Forward”