Family of Yeshua HaMashiach and Gentiles in the Early Church.

The first fifteen bishops of the beginning church at Jerusalem were all Jewish and relatives of our Lord Yeshua (Jesus). There is little to no record of any Gentile members of the early Church for at least the first ten years.  All of the first believers were Jews either by birth or conversion.

The bishops began with James, then Simeon, Justus, Zaccheus, Tobias, Benjamin, John, Mathias, Philip, Seneca, Justus, Levi, Ephrem, Joseph, and Jude.   This was the record up to the Bar Kochba Revolt in (A.D. 132-135).  All were relatives of Yeshua.

These Jewish relatives of Yeshua were called the desposynoi, meaning “heirs.”  Often they were persecuted because of there Davidic lineage and their relationship to the Messiah.

From early records we can see that the early church formed of the circumcision (Jews) later to be formed of Gentile Christians.  The entire early church in Jerusalem consisted of Hebrews continuing until the siege of Jerusalem during the reign of Roman Emperor, Hadrian (A.D. 117-138) called the Second Jewish War; the Jewish nation was conquered and Jerusalem renamed Aelia Capitolina by the Romans.  Jews could not enter the city for one hundred years which left only Gentile believers and the first appointment of a non-Jewish pastor named Mark.

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