Is This From You, God?

Peter is the name.  Peter is struggling with homosexuality…..They call you Pete….”Neat Pete”, because you dress well and you’re very neat and clean.  You like things orderly and structured.  You’re married and have a daughter named Abby.   She’s 4 yrs old with dark curly hair and a very timid smile.

You’ve had some random encounters with strange men.  This has been something you’ve hidden for years……but you feel your wife is suspicious and your marriage is not going so well.  You’ve become angry, frustrated and depressed.

Peter you have a knowledge of God but you don’t know how  to reach Him.   You’ve gone to church in the past and feel it’s not what you want.  Right now you’re feeling suicidal…..however, no one would ever know.

Peter there is a God….and He knows what’s happening……and He wants to heal your pain.

Say this simple prayer Peter, “JESUS HELP ME”……that’s all He’s waiting for.

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