Open Letter to Father God

Father in Heaven, by the blood of Jesus, Your Son, I write to you.

The past approximate 9 months have been quite a journey.  My wife and I have stepped out in faith believing you’ve told us to do something that seems totally crazy.  We’ve both been unemployed and believe you’ve have told us to stay so.  After exhausting all funds, we’ve been totally dependent on you, living  each day looking for our daily manna and receiving as needed.  We believe you told us to attend the prayer room each day, make ourselves available to the church( the entire body), looking for every opportunity to serve. Continue reading “Open Letter to Father God”

Blood and Water

Above the earth in the heavens, I saw a man rip open his chest and simultaneously cry out with a tremendous roar. When his chest opened his heart literally burst open and spewed forth huge amounts of blood that splattered over the entire earth. Gushing forth, the blood created deep rivers that flowed through cities through the streets, the alley ways, over the farm lands, covering homes, flooding entire cities. Some areas where covered in a sea of blood and water, yes, water too. It seemed as if this blood fell into the waters Continue reading “Blood and Water”