I See A Trend I Don’t Like

Lately, I’ve observed what appears to me to be a mistaken notion of us being able to act in a manner inconsistent with scripture yet at the same time justify this action misusing scripture or a lack understanding of the Word.  Or maybe, I should say a wrong application  or complete dismissal of scripture.  Or sometimes, pyscho-babble about “my” happiness and contentment that has nothing to do with scripture or being a child of God at all.  Not that I’m some expert on the Word of God… I’m most certainly am not.  However, I see a trend happening that really concerns me.

Just recently I had a young man I love dearly, confess that’s He’s gay and somehow God’s okay with it, because God loves Him.  Yeah, God does love us, yet He doesn’t condone us believing a lie that so obviously violates His Word.  I love my son, who has a problem with substance abuse, however, I do not love the substance abuse.  It’s wrong.  Yet I still love him.  If he lived in my house and couldn’t abide by the rules.  He would surely be kicked-out with all love.  Because what I’m trying to teach him is responsibility and preparing him for life.  So he may think something may be okay, what’s wrong about it.  However, as a parent I must judge what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.  That’s love too! And occasionally it may challenge the individual being corrected.  But the end result is maturity and peace when the correction and instruction, even though not understood, is accepted because the individual trusts the authority giving the instruction, resulting in real growth, maturity and positive correct identity.  Usually this is a father’s role.  I’ve failed in many ways and now I’m trying to catch-up.  Catching up is more difficult than doing it right the first time.  We have a Father in Heaven, who wants us to trust Him as He gives us our true identity.

The phrase I’m hearing is “I have to be who I am, doesn’t God want me to be who I am, to be happy”.  I ask first, who does God say you are and not who or what you think you are?  And does your happiness begin with what you desire or want or does it begin by you fulfilling His will for your life?  The enemy begins to work early in our lives to mold us into a opposing image of what the Father has purposed us to be.  Either through some type of physical, emotional, psychological, traumatic abuse or experiences.  Or through the constant messages in the world today that sound good and bring results,  however, I ask,”Does it line-up and agree with the Word of God?”  I don’t care how good or right it feels!?

Spiritual darkness immediately takes the opportunity to rule in our lives, very early as children.  I’ve had this very struggle with pornography.  Recently, the spiritual strength of the temptations had ever increased.  I know this was a testing of great measure.  I’ve fell and I’ve gotten up several times.  I know this a battle for my heart.  I’m in the middle of a big test to see just where my heart is established.   My identity is going to be forever established by the decision I make regarding this battle to set in my mind who I am.  The Father says I’m a son of God and therefore to “be holy as He is holy”… to “flee sexual immorality.”  At the same time, the other voice is saying “this is who you are, what you’ve always been and will always be.  Give up fighting.  Except it.  It’s too hard.”  I know this is big fat lie.

(Update: Praise Yah, this battle has finally been won.  Yeshua told His disciples when they couldn’t cast out the demon, “…this kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting” {Mark 9:28-29}.”  Blog coming soon about how I did just as Yeshua instructed and the exciting adventure the Father took me through to overcome this devil forever).

So who do I believe?  Of course I should believe the Father.  Yet, the carnal (fleshly) nature wants to rule and speaks with such a loud voice and fleshly manifestations that are so real and feel so deep.   They overtake you if you let you mind take hold of them.   Oh, Rav Shaul (Apostle Paul) I know the struggle all too well you speak of in Romans 7.  Yet, I also know your advice in 2 Cor 10.  I may have been born in sin as David mentions in the psalms (Psalm 51:5).  However, I’ve been regenerated from above and redeemed with a price, the blood of the Messiah (1Cor6)  I must bring these thoughts into submission, have faith in the one who knows His will and what part I play in fulfilling His will.  I guarantee you it has nothing to do with my comfort or my pleasure but His WILL.   I must know it and carry it out.  Yeshua knew this (Garden of Gethsemane).  If He’s such the example for us, why do we not follow?  We must lay up our treasures where they will not rust or rot (Matthew 6:20).  Yes, we will have great joy when we fulfill His will for our lives.  Wholly give our lives to Him.  There is no greater joy and the only way to know it is to do it.  You cannot know this by knowlegde but only by FAITH.  Emunah is the Hebrew word and it means much more than just some mental ascension to believing, but means show your faith by you actions towards the one you believe and trust.  It’s an action word (verb) not an abstract feeling.  Walk out your faith. (1Thess 5:7)

I really believe that the Father is allowing the temptation and delusion to occur because He is cleaning out His house.  We are being tested on an unprecendented level in every aspect of our lives.  If we are willing to bring our lives before the Creator, He is going to show us He is also the Judge.  And we need to judge our lives before He brings it to our attention and has to judge it Himself.  He wants to see who really wants to be the bride without “spot or wrinkle”.  Stop pursuing happiness from this world and the things it has to offer.  Look to the eternal and not the temporal (2Cor. 4:18)

I also  believe He’s opening our eyes to see His word revealed to us far beyond what we have ever known.  Challenging us to either move ahead or stay where we are because we are stuck on what we think we know or what what we’ve always been taught but never really understood why we believe it.  I see us entering a stage of doing things like we never thought we would see ourselves.  But this will happen only if we allow ourselves to be humbled before Him.

The enemy is trying to give us another identity, one that is in the image of darkness not the image of God, who is light.   It is a very strong delusion and sounds so good.  It has and will entice many who will be led astray by it’s lie.  He’s a liar, and the father of lies (John 8:44).  He will make you doubt YHVH’s  word.  I say, know His Word. Eat,breath and sleep in it.  It is the most important life giving resource you have.  The entire scriptures are Him, the Word of God, Yeshua.  The One who spoke at creation (John 1:1-3).  The Angel of the Lord, the flame of fire who spoke from the burning bush (Exodus 3:2).  He’s still talking from that angel of the lord that’s the flame of fire in the bush.  Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ).  Take heed, He is the Word of God.  The entire Word, Torah, Prophets, Writings and New Testament.

Be teachable. Obedient. Study to show yourself approved(2 Tim 2:15), seek humility and wisdom from God, and most of all LOVE and have FAITH in the one and only God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and our Lord Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ)

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  1. We are going through this RIGHT NOW with a relative who thinks it’s okay for her to be with “her” man who is not a Christian, has no desire to be, and DOES NOT WANT to marry her AT ALL! She says, “God won’t stop loving me because I’m choosing to love “him”.” I agree! God won’t stop loving her. In fact, God loves him too, but certainly wants the best for THEM. Not listening to God’s Word (in this case: you must be equally yoked and fornication is a sin) is disobedience. The result of this is the removal of God’s protection and a complete lack of His presence. MAKES ME VERY SAD. Breaks God’s heart. We can’t call something “RIGHT” because we want to be right…it MUST LINE UP with God’s Word. IT MUST. Otherwise we throw the whole Book out!

    I’m sorry. This has obviously been bothering me:-)

    1. Don’t apologize Gloria. I feel the same way you do. You can get as passionate as you want. That’s what it’s all about. You know I don’t mind your passion. And you are a definitely a passionate person.

      Hope you guys have a great trip to Haiti. I got someone from my fellowship wanting to get a group together and go to Haiti. I would like to talk to you about if it would be possible, if we truly pursue this , that we could do it through Haitians Helping Haitians. Your’re the only ministry I see myself partnering with. I know you’re trying to get things set to leave for Haiti soon. So If possible, can we talk about it when you get back.

      Yah will bless and keep you.

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