I’m Not Trying to Be a Jew, Just a Son of God

With my many changes in holiday celebrations, eating, dress and scriptural beliefs, some may believe and a few have asked,  “Are you becoming a Jew.”  Well, let me say this.  My main goal is to be an obedient and loving  son of YHVH  just like Yeshua, who has shown us by example how to the please the Father.

About three years ago or so, I asked the Father to show me the truth no matter what it would seemingly cost to me.  I just wanted to walk the straight and narrow as He has defined it in His word, not by any fruitless doctrines of Christianity, Judaism, any denomination, popular preacher, or most of all, my personal feelings and beliefs; yet, still willing to accept and promote any traditions, doctrines or teachings that adhere to His truth and are without defilement.  I knew this would challenge myself along with those who know and love me.

So I started at the beginning of the book.  I figured I cannot understand the present or future without understanding the beginning.  And since it’s written by Hebrews, I began to learn the Hebrew language, the Hebraic mindset, traditions and culture .  Understanding that even though the New Testament is translated to Greek, there is still a Hebraic mindset in the writings.  So understanding Hebrew culture and idioms would be helpful in understanding what is being said.  Also since, the promise was given to a Hebrew, Abram who became Abraham and his Seed, on to his son Isaac and his son Jacob who became Israel.  Out of Israel came the 12 tribes of his sons,  in which it was prophesied of Judah “his brothers shall praise him…bow down before him…the scepter shall not depart from Judah…” (Gen 49:8-10).  Therefore, all the line of Kings of Israel that came after David came through Judah, including the future King, the Messiah, Yeshua.

Later, after King Solomon died Israel became two kingdoms (1 Kings 12); The Northern Kingdom called the House of Israel (Kings), sometimes called Ephraim (Eze 37:16-28) and the Southern Kingdom called the House of Judah (Jews) comprised mainly of the tribes of Judah, some Levites and Benjamites.   Those who can be called Jews are either through direct descent from the tribe of Judah or of the House of Judah (Southern Kingdom) adhering to the principles of Judaism.  The Apostle Paul (Rav Shaul) was a Benjamite (Phil 3:5, Rom 11:1) of the House of Judah thus being able to call himself a Jew.  The House of Israel (Northern Kingdom, Ephraim) eventually went so deep into idol worship, Yah disowned them and dispersed them into the nations (Gentiles).  Someone can be a Jew and be an Israelite but an Israelite doesn’t have to be a Jew. I hope my explanation is clear.  If not, here’s a link to an outstanding teaching that gives full explanation: Identity Crisis.  I strongly recommend watching it.

The Messiah was birthed through the lineage of Judah and House of Judah (Matt 1, Luke 3:23:38).   Israel’s purpose has always and still is “to be a light to the nations” (Isa 42:6).  The Messiah is the unique expression and embodiment of that Light (Luke 2:28-32).  “Salvation is of the Jews”, Yeshua said (John 4:22) .  “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”(Matt 15:24)….”but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matt 10:6).  Being the light and unification for all men who are out of covenant, the lost sheep of Israel and Gentiles (the nations), the Messiah Yeshua makes this complete and possible.  All men are to see God in Israel, through Judah (Jews) in Yeshua (Rom 11).  After the Messiah had risen and just before He ascended, He sent out His disciples, who were Jews, into the world to proclaim this message.  That’s why so many came, because they were were Israelites out of covenant understanding there long awaited redemption had come in the Messiah and Gentiles were also allowed to accept this same promise.   His mission: To unite the two as one (Eph 2:13-22, Eze 37:16-28), thus the reason the disciples asked in Acts 1:6,  “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?”

So as I celebrate the Feast Days of the Lord (Gods’prophetic calendar), they’re not just Jewish Feasts, these are His feasts (Lev. 23), observe the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11) because of Gods passion for it (Isa 56) and eat clean and unclean (Lev 11),  I do not believe I’m becoming a Jew.   Although I do know for a fact, we wouldn’t have these precious scriptures if it weren’t for the Jewish people sacrificing there blood to protect it.  Now I ask, have I misled anyone?  I don’t think so .   I’m just going back to the origin of the faith which will most likely look Jewish since Christianity is a sect of Judaism that has been cut off from it’s root.  The earlier followers were called “The Way”, still a part of Judaism.  Judaism has many sects or can I say “denominations”.  Sound familiar?  “The Way” was just one those sects; ones that believed Yeshua/Jesus was the Messiah.  Not all Jews were out to kill believers in Messiah, many believed.  The first believers were JEWS!!!

Rom_1:16  “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

The “Greek” represents the world because of the Greek philosophy that permeated the world at that time and continues till this day and has infiltrated Christianity through Roman thought, customs and traditions that have strong Greek roots and influence.

I believe I’m following His Word.  No, I do not believe Yeshua did away with the very Word that He embodies (John 1:1, Matt 5:17).  Although I do believe He perfected the High Priesthood in the order of Melchizedek.  Check it out in the book of Hebrews.  Read the whole book for context.

Now, since I, a former Gentile, believing on the Messiah, I have been made a new creation; the old man has been crucified in Him (Rom 6).  His blood has redeemed me and given me His nature and I’m constantly being transformed into His likeness.  Being regenerated from above through Yeshua, I have been brought into the family by adoption through His spirit as a son crying out Abba! Father! (Rom 8:15).  What family?  The family of the Israel of God.

2 Replies to “I’m Not Trying to Be a Jew, Just a Son of God”

  1. I am just scared that you are in the Hebrew Roots Movement which can tear people apart. I was in one of those and they taught that sabbath was required and if you did not keep it you were taking the mark of the beast that you would be kicked out of the kingdom, and that we were still under the bondage of the OT Law. Some even teach that you have to look to the Occult Kabbalh which G-d does not condone. These things are dangerous. There is absolutely nothing wrong with following some biblical culture, but saying that one must do it is undermining the simplicity of Y’shua. The sabbath thing scared me so much because I felt that if I did one little thing on sabbath that seemed like work or went out to eat that I would be judged like H*ll!!! It scared me that bad. Although restaurants like hospitals and firmen should be exempt from sabbath because they deal with providing needs. There is a message that has been coming to me for ages not just telling where I am supposed to be for my ministry vision, but that I was trying to add something to Moshiach, mainly the sabbath as it was the main thing that was bothering me. I am just concerned that you are in one of these Hebrew Roots Movement Cults that are deceptive. To be released from that feels so wonderful and restful. However I do have to say that having the Torah as the background for your ministry can help protect from the Third Wave Occult New Age Movement that has made its way into churches and is driven by experiences, extreme praise and worship, sensationalism, kundalini, signs, wonders, and all sorts of demonic things. There is one good thing about it. I just know that the Hebrew Roots Movement is unstable and very divisive. I have been snared in a very scary if not psycho side of it and it is not pretty. You will not find two that believe the very same thing. These movements grew off the Worldwide Church of G-d and the Seventh Day Adventists. It is best to call what you are in Bible Culture or Biblical Roots, not Hebrew Roots or Jewish Roots because of what it is associated with. There is more joy in doing something when you know you do not have to do it. I love biblical culture, but not the Hebrew Roots Movement. I even like the bibles that have the names in them. They can be excellent resources for Muslims to come to the faith. http://halleluyahscriptures.com provides free bibles with names in them.

  2. Tabitha, I am very much aware of the origins of the Hebrew Roots movement and appreciate and agree with your point about divisiveness. Yet, I truly trust that the Ruach Hakodesh is able to give me discernment. Within every movement, denomination, believe system there are those who do things that are not correct, who agree and disagree. As I’ve stated, before I am only seeking the Truth of the Word and also to be obedient to His voice even when I don’t understand. My obedience to His direction hasn’t proved wrong yet and I don’t think it will now. Hebrew Roots movement or whatever they want to call it is not my concern. I am only seeking the Truth of the Word and to be obedient to His voice when He says go; even when I don’t understand. If I used my logical mind, I would not have headed in the direction we have taken. However, the voice of the Father overrules any of my concerns. In addition, recently we’ve seen a massive influx of spirit-filled and loving people being called out of mainstream Christianity into the Hebraic roots view. I truly believe the Father is making changes and bringing all of us into alignment with His Word.

    As regard to the Sabbath, I do believe the Father wants us to obey the Sabbath (it’s the 4th commandment) just as He would want us to obey any of His commandements. My wife and I seek to obey because we love Yahweh. Obedience out of love is not something mandatory. Have you ever loved some? You do things for those you love because of you love for them. With proper perspective on the Sabbath, I and my wife have experienced great freedom along with a tremendous blessing. It’s all about doing things properly as Yeshua pointed out. I’ve never felt freer in all my life. I’m sorry for what happened to you, but please don’t have any fear for us. Prayer is always appreciated.

    At present time, in our congregation at Passion for Truth Fellowship, we are seen as quite different and many Hebrew Roots folks have many disagreements with our beliefs. I’ve seen many streams within the so-called Hebrew Roots movement. I trust that the Father has put Meghan and I on the right stream to Truth.


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