Christmas! Wow, does this day bring memories and emotions. I’ve celebrated it most of my life. However, in the past few years while searching the scriptures and going on my journey with the Father, I’ve found I have a problem with Christmas; and I think He does too. No, I’m not trying to bash anyone for celebrating Christmas; however, we no longer do so in our home.

I’ve uploaded this video that someone shared on Facebook. I think it closely shares my feelings about Christmas, Easter and Sabbath. Also know that no matter what I feel about Christmas, please don’t take it personally as an attack against you.

Much love and blessings.

4 Replies to “Christmas…Hmmm?”

  1. I’m with ya! All of the family isn’t quite on board although we’ve celebrated Hanukkah several years instead. I am spending my “Black Friday” digging out the tree to sell and everyone is on board on that.

  2. I love Hannukah and Christmas (the original Jan 6 Christmas not dec 25) Yes it used to be on a different day. It is still celebrated by mexicans on this day and does not “cover up” anything. It is called Dia de Los Reyes Magos and has more christian significance than what we celebrate today. My parents don’t celebrate this, but it would be fun. There is no tree. Instead of stockings, there are shoes and hay, for the camels that the wise men rode on. Things such as lights and candy canes still exist in it.

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