Talking It Out

This post was a very difficult one.  Here I’m sharing the struggles, I’ve had recently.  It goes a little longer than usual and I start to ramble on with my thoughts.  Hope it makes sense to you and somehow blesses you.


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  1. Thank you Allen for being so open! What an encouragement this video is and I have lot’s more to add but have to run. What runs through my head A LOT is “if you don’t give up, you’ll win” and I know we all are weary from dealing with our weaknesses. Bless you! Thanks for the post.

  2. Run the good race to the finish! Don’t be too hard on yourself, Allen, there is no condemnation for those who are in Mashiyach! I know you feel awful that you let yourself down, BUT don’t let HaSatan get to you by convincing you to be down on yourself. You’re human and that’s why we need our magnificent High Priest Y’shua to interceed for us! Amen! Rejoice in this, ask for His forgiveness and rejoice that we have a Father that loves us so much that He gave us grace. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. And don’t do it again! 😉 Go and sin no more! Man, it’s a big slap of reality when we realize how weak we are but it’s also an even bigger, greater spiritual reality to know that Y’shua has our back.

    1. Bonnie, thanks for the encouragement. Believe it or not, I’m feeling that I’ve actually had a victory. Times past I would have been in deep self-condemnation. Praise Yah!

  3. You heard it here folks – I’m entitled to hugs and kisses 😉

    Seriously though – honey, you know I’m with you. I forgive you. And I love you. I am blessed to be yoked to you and love to watch as YHVH grows you. I’m eager to see what He has for you (us) next!

  4. Congratulations on taking a step that so few ever do. So many of us have hidden issues that we confront from time to time, but too many people, while they may acknowledge themselves as sinners, will not admit to the specific sin in their lives and move on to the repentance and forgiveness levels. If this still continues to be a battle for you, GHOP is starting a deliverance room some time in the next couple weeks, and you might consider the possibility that there may be a lingering demonic influence in your life from your early exposure to this perversion. Sometimes there are battles we cannot fight on our own…

    1. Thanks Kathleen. Yes, it’s generational / familiar spirit. Few years ago, in a dream, the Father showed me where it started. This recent re-lapse happened to give me a wake-up call about my mindset. Courage, obedience and discipline in Messiah by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). Mind of Messiah (Christ). Recently, I’ve been in a season of intense fasting with some dramatic spiritual and physical healing. Something huge is about to happen with Meghan and I. This was a lesson for me, that’s all. I actually feel quite encouraged. I could go on and on about this subject.

  5. Allen, you are miles ahead of most believers. It takes a lot to be so transparent. A recent study shows that over 30 percent of Pastors occasionally struggle with pornography. Not too many men are willing to be so honest, open and take a stand. The area we’re the weakest in, God wants to make us the strongest so that HE gets the glory. God is raising up an army of men who walk in purity and are willing to be transparent and quick to repent. You’re not alone in this fight, all men either have or are still fighting this battle. The biggest thing the enemy tries to attack us with is condemnation for our shortcomings. Satan is the accuser, keep reminding yourself of who you are in Yeshua. This video was such an encouragement. Thanks for being so honest.

  6. Allen, I am thankful you’ve got this bull by the horns. Praise Yah! Meghan and you mean a lot to me and I am so looking forward to all of us spending Sukkot together.

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