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  1. Hey, Allen, that was great. I have been wanting to get into this and have went 1 day without eating but I still drank fluids. It’s really hard but you are helping me understand it more. One of the best parts of your vlog was about the spirit of fear. I have a friend that wants to talk to me because she is very fearful about the times we are in now. I was wondering what in the world could I tell her that would ease her fears. Well Yah, praise Him, sent me to your website so I could hear you say that Yah does not give us a spirit of fear. See, you have been an instrument of YHVH’s tonight, hallelujah! I believe I will be able to lift up the Father to her now and glorify Y’shua.

    1. Bless you Bonnie, I’m so glad to hear you were encouraged. My advice with fasting is always listen to the Ruach HaKodesh. Be aware of what your body is saying to you . Be patient with yourself. As far as fear is concerned, faith is the destroyer of fear. I think you already have your answer for your friend as you stated in the last sentence of your comment…..Continue to lift up the Father to her and glorify Yeshua. Remember, you have the answer within you, the spirit of the living Elohim and His Word.

  2. Allen, I talked to my friend not knowing what was exactly on her mind. She has been bombarded with negative info regarding the Elenin astroid and people telling her when it passes earth it is going to cause huge earthquakes and the USA is going to split in half down the Mississippi River. My goodness. They’ve been telling her that she needs to have food, a “ready-to-go” kit complete with tent, etc. so she can head for the hills. Anyway, I talked to her for a while and explained that Yah does not put a spirit of fear in us and we have to trust only in Him and listen to Him! We talked for a good hour and a half and she felt much better. Things are really getting wild out there it seems. I am more worried about all the muslim extremists that live around here than that other stuff. These folks will cut your head off if called to Jihad. 😉
    Bottom line: I told her we are suppose to watch for the signs to know that the time draws near, but we are suppose to rejoice in Y’shua’s coming and not be afraid. I hope I helped her and I thank you for your insight. I am so happy that His Kingdom is on the way that I forget sometimes that there are a lot of scared, confused folks out there.

  3. Allen, I agree that you’re kinda “all over the place,” LOL 😉 …but I really enjoyed listening to your thoughts on this, especially your suggestion that if there’s junk in your life that you can’t seem to get rid of…if you haven’t fasted & prayed about it…TRY IT! Just try & see! Thanks for your encouragement!

  4. I am unable to fast from food but I sure can from other things, like tv. I tried to keep Yom Kippur last year and I got so sick and dizzy that I just about passed out. I am glad we are not legalistically bound to keep the feasts. There would be no joy in it if we were obligated. I just hope that we will keep the feasts in Heaven, not just the Millennium. I am unable to keep them know but just long to because I know it would be fun. Everyone needs celebration in their life.

    1. Tabitha, it’s great to hear you tried fasting. I would encourage you to continue in fasting in whatever form just to establish the discipline. When you attempting fasting from food, the reaction you had was not unusual if it was your first time. The body will react quite violently during the first 24 to 36 hrs or sometimes longer is you body is very toxic. Over time we build up quite a load of toxins. Try doing juice fast then move on to a fast without food.

      As far as the Feast days go, I do think it’s of great benefit to recognize these days. I do see them as a commandment (Leviticus 23) and also a prophetic picture of things to come and things already fulfilled in Messiah. No where do I see a release from observing them. No, I do not think they are a salvation requirement but just part of His expectation from us if we truly believe we’ve been grafted into the covenant of the Israel of Elohim. (Romans 11) Of course, do the best you can and the Father will bless you.

      Thank you for you for taking time to visit my blog. Shalom.

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