I’m Going to Haiti

I am going to Haiti again! Some of you may know that 3 years ago I traveled with a small team to minister in the areas of Kenscoff, Petionville and Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (http://faithfulinhim.com/outreach/haiti-october-2007).

This March (2nd – 10th), I will be returning to Haiti as part of a team of 12. We will going to Borel to support the missionary work of our friend Stacie Rider who is currently residing there. We will be volunteering at local orphanages; bringing medical supplies, toiletries, school supplies, clothes and shoes; and ministering to the children of Borel and Pierre Payen as well as to people in the community.

I believe the Lord wants me to go love the people of Haiti. These people are experiencing some serious hardships. The earthquake a year ago, hurricanes, civil unrest and a current cholera outbreak has created a situation of much need in Haiti. If you can help with donations of medical supplies, toiletries, school supplies, clothes and shoes, that would be fantastic.

I’m also currently in need of financial support for this trip. If you can help in any way, that would be great. My expenses are the following:

$375 room and board .
$600 airline tickets
$125 travel expenses (airport meals, unexpected fees & pocket money)

Total: $1100

Donations (cash or check payable to Allen Williams) can be sent to: Allen Williams, 139 Kings Dr, Florissant, MO 63034 or use the donate button to the right and give via PayPal. Regrettably, donations are not tax deductible, but very appreciated and vital to complete this work.

Thank you and please pray for me and the entire team.

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  1. Hi Allen! I really enjoyed your video! It was great to get a glimspe of your personality and passion for Jesus!!! Your comments about some of the struggles you have had really hit home for me!!! This month has been a test for me to really dig in and try to see my identity in Him. And yes,I shouted “YIELD” along with you in the video!!!! So glad Rm 6-8 keeps it real!!!

  2. Christine, thank you for your encouraging words. I’m always happy to hear when others are blessed by what I share.

    Bless you!

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