Open Letter to Father God

Father in Heaven, by the blood of Jesus, Your Son, I write to you.

The past approximate 9 months have been quite a journey.  My wife and I have stepped out in faith believing you’ve told us to do something that seems totally crazy.  We’ve both been unemployed and believe you’ve have told us to stay so.  After exhausting all funds, we’ve been totally dependent on you, living  each day looking for our daily manna and receiving as needed.  We believe you told us to attend the prayer room each day, make ourselves available to the church( the entire body), looking for every opportunity to serve.

During this time, we’ve also made our home open to a missionary.   The initial stay was to be 6 weeks but,by Your word, has become several months.  You’ve asked us to share all that we have; and we have done so to the best of our ability.  Of course, we have’nt been perfect but we’re tried our best.  I hope it pleases you.  This has been a time of stretching far beyond what we would have imagined possible for ourselves to endure.  We still don’t know how far you’re  going to take us but we’re willing to go.

We want to thank you for redefining the word “humility” to us and also taking us into a life of abandonment to you (something we’re still learning).  I don’t want to disappoint you  by not believing what you have spoken to us.  I believe!…….I believe and again I believe!    I just ask one thing…..Please help me with my unbelief!   Sometimes I have moments of unbelief…..please help me Lord!  I know it sounds contradictory, however it goes on in my heart……I hate it…..please forgive me.  Without faith I cannot please you!…..I BELIEVE!

Lately, our provision seems to be at end (don’t want the scarcity mentality) and we’ve been wondering if this is a sign to change course.  But each time we inquire to you, there is no answer to our question concerning this matter.  However, at the same time, we have seen long time prayers fulfilled everywhere else in our lives.  I ‘ve seen  my brother-in-law profess Jesus as Lord and You’ve given me a clearer picture of my destiny.   This is encouraging , a reminder that you definitely have not forsaken us.  There are so many other things I could mention but it would probably take up several pages.

Even though some may continue to think we’re crazy, we will keep the course even it we lose everything or it kills us.   Until you speak, we cannot change course.  Someone reading this is probably thinking that we’re stupid and not getting it.  That’s okay, if we look like fools seeking the will of the Lord, we’ll take that chance.

I just want You to know Lord God  You are good and faithful!  You are full of mercy and grace!  You are love!  You are awesome, marvelous and wonderful. We trust You.  We adore You.  We know You will guide our path.  We cry out to You, our God.  And by the  blood of our Lord Jesus, we worship YOU!   In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

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  1. I love you husband – my heart echos your heart. Lord we believe yet help us in our unbelief!!!

    So many confirmations for where we are now, we would be foolish to change course – foolish not to walk this out and see if truly this is where He has called us.

    So yes, Lord – we believe. We trust You. We worship You. We choose You over all else… complete obedience and complete abandonment to You – that is our hearts. You are faithful… we wait on You.

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