Recliner Glory

Today, while sitting in my recliner napping , I experienced a moment where I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or awake (I think some of you may know what I’m talking about).

As I dreamed, I sensed a strong presence.  Immediately, I knew it was the Lord approaching and standing right before me.  My entire body began to get a current of energy that permeated my entire being.  It was similar to goosebumps, but with a much deeper and stronger flow.  It felt awesome!   Becoming very excited, I held out my hands and said, “Yes Lord, what is you want….please tell me.”  I also remember hearing the sound of music and singing that sounded all over the room.   I jumped out of my chair and began to search the room for the source of this sound that was every but not found.   Soon revelation knowledge came to me that it was the music and singing of angels.  Although I could feel and hear it, I couldn’t see it.  Wow, it was a fantastic sensation!

As the host filled the room and the Lord stood before me (somehow I was seated again in my recliner facing the Lord….you know how dreams change a scene without a transition).  I asked the Lord, “Please tell me what is it you want…..Yes Lord, here I am.”   But to my disappointment, I didn’t hear a word; only the singing of many voices, and music……there were many sounds all at once.  Some sounds I’d never heard before and can’t describe.   However, all the sounds came together beautifully.  As I continued to inquire of the Lord, His presence begin to slowly fade away.  Sensing this, I became more frantic and desperate, yet  He and the heavenly host continued to slowly faded away.

I then came to full consciousness in the chair still asking and wondering what had just happened.  As this all transpired, I was constantly in my mind trying to figure out if I was dreaming or was I conscious.  I seemed to be in both worlds at the same time.  It felt strange and confusing but somehow very exciting.

Dream over.

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  1. It is so wonderful that He wanted to let you know that your spirit-man was in heavenly places with Him. Your spirit was so engaged with the Lord that your soul was aware of what was going on.

    But when your soul realm tried to kick in and take over (‘what is it that You want?” — the ‘doer’ in us) the spiritual experience fades.

    Sometimes He just wants to BE with us. It seems that He was wanting to just spend time with you and let you enjoy Life with Him as He knows it. He is THE Lover of your soul afterall.

    I see that you have more in you than you apparently are aware of … good for you! And good for us … we need all the people with high callings we can get in these time.

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