Wounded Victors

Originally given to me on Feb 16 2009:

I see men being empowered with authority in unity.   They are taking back ground that the enemy has been claiming as his.  I see families restored, marriages mended, father’s and sons coming together in healed relationships , minds being restored and renewed in Christ Jesus.   New men moving in power, love , compassion…..breaking chains of bondage that have plagued generations within their families.

I see a mighty army, slaying every spirit that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God.  Wounded men healed to a much greater strength.  With strong conviction and passion to see justice prevail.  Holiness…Holiness…Holiness unto the Lord.  True worshippers of God with clean hands and pure heart ascending unto the hill of the Lord before the King of Glory, the Lord of Hosts in complete victory in Jesus, Our Lord (Psalm 24).

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  1. I know I am only one of the wives who is faithfully praying and supporting you men… I’m proud of you 🙂

    Lord God, I ask that You would strengthen the men as they rise up in victory against the ploys of the enemy that have held them hostage for so long. I ask that they would be of one accord – moving in unison with Your heart as they relentlessly pursue holiness and step into the fullness of all that You have called them to. May they walk in the authority You have given them and do Your will and bring You pleasure!

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