Look Forward

Many times I go to the woods behind my house to get away alone with God.  I listen for his voice and signs of his presence all around in his creation.  Today, the Lord gave me a vision of myself standing in that woods.  As I stood, I saw above me, in the sky, two streams of light converging in a v-shape towards me.  One from the right and another from the left.  The left was a dark light and the right a very white light. Within the streams of light I could see rapid movement.  The two lights collided.  At the convergence point , that was me, there seemed to be a commotion or some sort of fight taking place.   I saw the white light was wrapped around me as if embracing me.  It appeared to have a head that spoke into my ears.  The white light engulfed my whole body except for my head.  This is where the dark light had an entry point.  It was the only area the dark light was able to penetrate.  I stood looking dumbfounded with a trance like expression not knowing what to think.  I seemed paralyzed.  From the white light, the shape of a head continued to gently speak into my ears.  Yet, at the same time, the dark light continued, in what seemed like a very frantic pace, to pour into my head.  However, the white light still wrapped itself around the rest of my body embracing me tightly and continuing to speak into my ears.  The head of this light floated from one ear to the other ear constantly whispering words into them.  I still stood in a trance like state, frozen in place.

Next, I could see what looked like a dark intimidating face screaming at me.  I don’t exactly know what it was saying, but I had a sense that it wasn’t nice.  It appeared right before my face.  My gaze was fixed upon it not knowing what to think or say or do.  Suddenly, from prompting from within, I said, “Get behind me Satan”.  At once, the figure started to move to my right and to the rear of me.  Simultaneously, a very bright white light begin to move into its place.   I looked into the  light and heard it say, “Look to me,  look forward!  Fix your gaze upon me!  Do not look behind you.  Satan has obeyed.  He is behind you just as you commanded him.  But if you look behind, you will see him and he will have legal right to entertain your thoughts and move to block your view of me.   Do not look backward, look forward.  I am forward.  Look forward!  Do not give him any opportunity.  Look to me!  Forward!  I am forward.  Look and see me.”

MY Prayer:

Lord I pray that I would put my hand to the plow and go forward.  Let me not entertain any thoughts of past failures or disappointments.  I close all doors to the enemy to come in and disrupt your plans for me.  I believe the plans you have for me of prosperity and hope in You alone.  I fix my gaze upon You Lord Jesus and you alone.  Let your light be the guide to my path.  Amen.

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  1. I’m crying. That is beautiful and God is SO faithful.

    I am proud of you for listening to the Lord and being obedient. You are an amazing man and I am blessed to know you and even more so blessed to be your wife.

    Thank You Jesus, for speaking to my precious man who is even more precious to You! Thank You for faithfully holding Him and for not allowing the enemy to take hold of him. Thank You that You protect and guide him. Thank You that You are teaching him who he is in You. Thank You for loving him and thank You for putting him in my life. You are a GOOD God!

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