On Tuesday, the 19th of Feb 2008, at Kent and Carla Henry’s prophetic class, while worshiping, this is what I saw.

All I saw were tree branches, bare tree branches like in the woods. Snow and ice covered them. They were lifeless. I felt myself in the woods along with others, but I could not see bodily forms, yet I could feel and somewhat see motions within the branches as if they were human forms without a body. I tried looking at my hands and arms, however all I saw were branches moving in the form of an arm and as my hand. Initially, all I saw were branches but no tree trunks. But as I looked around I became aware that I had been viewing from high atop the trees and as I looked down I could see the whole tree. I was a tree and so were these others.

We, as trees, began to sway as if music were being played. We appeared to be lifting our branches in praise. A light wind was blowing causing more swaying motion. The more we sang and praise, the stronger the wind blew yet it didn’t cause any damage as it  moved around and through us. While this scene continued, the atmosphere around us began to change. It became warmer. Not that I could feel the temperature, but signs of a warmer atmosphere began to appear. The snow and ice melted from our branches. Our branches began to bloom with leaves, flower and fruit. Water began to flow between us.

The more we sang, the more we grew and matured.  Our trunks and bark grew thicker and our branches became strong limbs. The water that flowed between us became a river that flowed with a strong current. As our singing continued, the wind blew through us not so hard now but as a light breeze gently blowing through our leaves and branches as if it were tenderly caressing us.

I then noticed a man walking in the woods. I really can’t give a description of what he looked like but I did know He was the Lord, Yeshua (Jesus).  He was just casually walking through experiencing the atmosphere.  Next, I heard these words in my spirit, “This is good. I like it here”.

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  1. This is such an awesome vision – thank You Jesus!

    What is so lovely about it is that it came along side our prayers for more than a visitation, but to have a habitation. God is so good!

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