How Do We Exist?

Have you ever wondered how do we exist. I mean, how do we take up space and time. How does space and time exist? How is it we are here? How did we come from nothing?. I know God created the heavens and the earth but exactly how did he do it from nothing. Wow! Quantum physics explains some of these things yet we still don’t know exactly how it’s done.

Sometimes I think about existing. Right now I’m in the present, but as I write it becomes the past and I’m moving into my future…..whoa!. Can you comprehend that? So is the present really the present or maybe the future or could it be the past, better yet , could they all be the same…..Hmmm? Anyhow, how are we here. What sustains us? (God, of course), yet how. How am I here man!

I would think about these things when I was a kid and as an adult before I knew Christ and it would deeply terrify me not knowing the answer. However, now when I think about these things, I know I’ve got the answer in our God. He has the answers, he is the answer.

It’s going to be awesome when we enter into Gods presence and learn about these things for an eternity.

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