Blood and Water

Above the earth in the heavens, I saw a man rip open his chest and simultaneously cry out with a tremendous roar. When his chest opened his heart literally burst open and spewed forth huge amounts of blood that splattered over the entire earth. Gushing forth, the blood created deep rivers that flowed through cities through the streets, the alley ways, over the farm lands, covering homes, flooding entire cities. Some areas where covered in a sea of blood and water, yes, water too. It seemed as if this blood fell into the waters of the earth filling them to overflow causing a rushing current of blood and water everywhere.

This caused great fear and panic in many. Some ran into their homes hiding themselves in closets in darkness and fear rather than face what seemed to be imminent death by the blood and water. Others fled to higher ground thinking that the waters would soon recede therefore they would be safe, thinking if necessary they could stay there indefinitely if need be. Even others were on house and building rooftops, inside skyscrapers peering out of windows in shock and amazement wondering what to do.

As some of the people watched the blood and water flow by they seemed to be drawn in and would suddenly jump into the current. It appeared that the ones who peered into the river and watched it flow would somehow see something in it. The blood and water seemed to engage them. If they touched the blood and water, it seemed they could not resist the urge to go into it. Many where immediately washed away, however, it didn’t appear to be a bad thing for them. They had great joy and some excitedly rushed into the blood and water. You could see peace and calm on there faces as they just seemed to float through the river riding the current to whatever destination was in store for them. Others became totally immersed and disappeared below the waters.

As I continued to see, I saw the blood and water appear to flow into a the base or foundation of mountain that reached to the skies. Atop the mountain was a gleaming, glowing city of light. It was high up above the earth. I couldn’t see the details of the city, but I could see the outline of the structures.

As the blood and water reached the base below the city, the blood and water began to steam with little crystal light like formations rising from it. The little crystals of light began to rise from the base up to the city. At first, just a few but then many crystals of light rushed up to the city. Upon further observation as I was given a closer view of the crystals, I saw that the crystals seem to move as if something living was inside each crystal. As I was given an even closer view I could see that the crystals were actually people. These people seemed to glow with light from inside that caused them to sparkle and glow with a very pure white light. They actually looked as if they were entirely composed of light. Their faces where filled with much joy as they seem to run yet at the same time float up to this magnificent glowing city of light.

End of vision

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