The Stadium & the Treasure

This is a vision from February 22, 2006… God gave it to me. I used to get these visions while praying, and I was praying and once again I was pouring out my heart thinking and saying “I need You, Lord! I can’t turn to anything else.” So I’m praying and during that process some time has passed, and this is the way it usually happens – the thoughts just start to come and it flows and I just let it come.  Sometimes it comes in pieces and then it finally comes together – I’m just going to give you an explanation of what happens sometimes with these visions – sometimes I have to let go and let it flow.  Sometimes I stop the flow and I’m like “no no no no no that’s just my head!” – I can’t separate whether it’s from God or me, but I can figure it out when I stop and I don’t allow it to flow, but when I just let it go it tends to just come.  I just say “ok Lord, if You’ve got something let it come” and then it just starts to come.

But anyway, this is what happened, I saw what appeared to be a little child in what looked like an expanse of space in the heavens. It resembled when you see someone in a stadium singing the national anthem standing in the middle by themselves and there’s a crowd round about in the stadium observing.  It seemed as if angels were there in the stadium and I was in the middle of it but in the front portion… in front of me was a presence I could feel; I believe it was God. And the Lord was there… it was an intense flow. But His presence was also all over the place too but it was at the same time concentrated in that one area.

I was singing – I knew it was me looking and feeling like a little child.  It was a haunting tune. I felt complete dependence on God, feeling my heart cry out, “Help me God!” and “Praise You!” I don’t even know what I was saying it was in another tongue but I could feel my spirit pouring out to Him, “God I need You and You’re the only One who can help me!” Also a singing angel chorus accompanied me. The angels would join in with me – where I would sing a part, step back  and they would sing the chorus and then I would sing my solo and they would sing the chorus.  It was  as though they were worshipping and I was worshipping with them …. as though they were helping me to communicate to the Lord.  It seemed I was giving my plea and they were right there saying, “Lord, help him!” and they were singing with me assisting me before the Lord. It was a powerful!

So, as I was singing a door opened up. It was just like a door within… imagine if you were outside and you saw a door open within that area you occupying – that expanse – a door just opened to my right and you could see a glow coming from the door.

All of this communication went on – not really speaking – more as if we felt each other’s thoughts.  And I could sense God say… or let me correct that, I asked Him, I said, “What? Do You want me to go through the door?” And I could sense God say, “Yes, go ahead.”  It was odd I don’t know how to explain it. Anyway, He said, “Go through the door. That door, I opened it for you.”

So, I went through the door, and as I peeked in – It looked like a treasure chest. It seemed as if a ship had sank and spilled its treasure – gold and all kinda things. I was just amazed and asked “what is this? Is this for me?” And God said, “Yes.” He said, “Go ahead.” He was like a Father, and He came down from the throne – and I took His hand – and He led me in to the room.

He took me inside and I was a little kid holding His hand looking up to Him thinking, “This is for me??” But I was overwhelmed, I thought “What do You want me to do with all this? I don’t need all of this. Why would You give me all of this? If You’re gonna give this to me You will have to help me because I don’t know what to do with all of this!”

He was like a kind Father saying to me, “I’ll help you. Don’t worry.”  I thought, “Man, please! Cause I don’t know what to do with all this!” I was panicking saying, “Don’t give all this to me! I don’t know what to do with it! Just give me a little bit and let me be ok.”

As we were having this exchange, a happy little girl comes skipping into the room. She was just skipping and singing, “la da da da da da.” Suddenly, she sees the treasure, runs diving into it wallowing in it yelling, “OH YES!” She just sinks in to it and is so happy screaming, “Look!  Just look at all of this! Look!  Look at all of this!”

I turn to the Lord saying, “Let me get her!” And I grab her and tell her, “Look look look – calm down!” And at that time I realize that the little girl is Meghan. I continue to tell her,”calm down! calm down! God has given us this but He’s… we’ve gotta be responsible. We’ve gotta be good stewards of this. And I’m trying to find out what He wants us to do with this – so I can do this right and we won’t mess up with it – this treasure He’s given us. Because I don’t want Him to give us this and we just blow it.”

So, I tell Him, “You’re gonna have to help me Lord.” The Lord tells me, “Yes, I’m giving you this but it’s going to be your responsibility.” Which He pointed to me “it’s going be your responsibility to make sure that it’s well taken care of, that you do what you’re supposed to do with it.”

Then He looked at Meghan (but still speaking to me) “You’re going to have to sometimes reign her in. You’re going to be in charge of this.”  I answered, “Ok, I can do this.” Meghan was willing to go “ok that’s fine with me, I’m going to trust whatever you say do” because she could see that I would be getting my instructions from the Lord and she was in full agreement, “that’s ok – that’s ok – just tell me what to do! Tell me what we’re gonna do!  Just come on let’s do this! Come on, come on!” She was just so excited… I knew it was Meghan, she’s always excited… that’s just her.  She stood there so excited and the vision ended.

Ok there you go. 🙂

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